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Our expertise is software, hardware and project management, testing and quality control. Whether it is mechanical, electrical or software related, whether a testing and production challenge. Most likely Multi-SP does it for you. The proven, easy to use GUI is used in a wide range of applications. If you produce parts, document or test them, the software can be configured easily to do just that. We have an integrated user interface where even the operator is able to modify the steps..

Providing leading business services

Our service includes project management for testing applications, support for machine builders, outsourcing of IT services to specialists, finding the right experts for your need. If we can't do it, we will find somebody who does it for you. We have strong allies in the area of staff augmentation, machine building and even manufacturing...


Know more about our solutions

We have done it for you. Using standard internet technology, we have created a standard package that will help to bring you online. The package is utilized in office representation for doctors, lawyers and everybody that needs internet representation. All we need is you individual Data like pictures, text, services and we will fit it into our standard package...

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